Sunday, July 31, 2011

Exploring the use of Colour - Abstract Art

One of the assessments through this term is to explore the use of colour by creating 3 pieces of abstract art, each with a theme, the themes include:

- Calm
- Anger
- Excitement

Theme 1 - Calm

The big inspiration of the Calm Theme is that of the ocean and the coastline, it's gentle and is somewhat soothing to the mind and soul (I saying this from experience as I use to live around the coast nearly a decade ago from now). For this theme to work, I experimented (and then implemented) the following elements: I went with different tones of blue as I feel that the blues are more of a stable and calm colour and I felt that minimalism works best with the calm theme, meaning that a minimal number of objects - preferably no more than 5 objects (this is represented by the blue spheres in the image).

In the article in ThinkQuest, Blues are often associated with being a calm and soothing colour.

Theme 2 - Anger

When I was creating this composite Anger wasn't the only thing that came into my mind, other themes of this abstract art also include Chaos, Stress, Bitterness, Jealously, Revenge or anything that has some form of negative thoughts. How I made this work (well, sort of) is by making the use of the colour Red, as I felt that Red best associates itself with being loud, chaotic and anger in a general sense. In terms of the number of objects involved, it is the opposite of the minimalism in the 'Calm' theme, it's crowded, and every object shown is essentially using up nearly every bit of empty space and full of pointy lines and sharp edges.

In the article on ThinkQuest. Red Tones and Shades often represent Anger.

Theme 3 - Excitement

There were a few things that came into mind with this piece of abstract art - Happiness, Confidence, Cheerful, Interest, Lively and Bright. So it was only fitting that piece of art is to be limited to brighter colours - preferably bright yellows and greens.

According to the Colour Psychology article on ThinkQuest. Yellows is regarded as a generally happy and uplifting colour, whilst Greens is a calming colour that helps out balance out emotions.

The symmetrical path fading to white I wanted to represent the path to excitement and what interesting things come at life. I wanted to have this artwork viewed from a first person point-of-view to give it that extra depth and meaning to this theme.

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