Tuesday, April 29, 2008

CD/DVD Cover Developement - The 'Idea' Process (30/4/2008)

After weeks of 'brainstorming' and getting increasingly 'restless'. I finally came up with a few ideas for the Audio CD Cover, I chose to go into the Rap/Hip-Hop Scene or perhaps try the Nighclub/Party Music Scene and see what happens here. Here are some of the ideas I came up with (Sorry if they are a bit distorted as it's not easy to take photos with little lighting, let alone trying to get the images that are done in pencil, because of that I had to use Photoshop and used the Exposure and Contrast to make them more readible):

Lil' Punk (Top Image), Red Head Rapper (Above), PartyMania 2008 by DJ-DD (Below) and StreetParty 2008 (Bottom Image)

I would also like to thank my former Cert IV Digital Media Classmate Ben Trevaskis in suggesting some of these ideas (especially the idea for Lil' Punk and Red Head Rapper)

If these doesn't work for me, then I'm thinking of a 'Tutorial DVD' Cover (I only though of this one just yesterday):

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