Monday, March 7, 2011

Product Assessment - Research

Today, we have to find three products (with labelling of course) - this includes a Jar, a Box that can be folded and a Plastic Container explain about the good and bad aspects of its (the product graphics) design and create our own designs

Mind you this wasn't the easiest items to find given there wasn't really that much stuff in my house lately, but anyway here are my findings

Product 1 - Moccona Instant Coffee

Strong Aspects of Design:

- Simple - not too clustered
- Easy to Read (e.g. Fonts not to small)
- Promotes the brand itself

Weak Aspects of Design:

- The background colour is rather dull and doesn't really stand out that much

Product 2 - Coles Dishwashing Liquid

Strong Aspects of Design:

- Easy to Read (font isn't too small)
- Simple overall design, nothing too fancy involved

Weak Aspects of Design:

- Design Looks cheap (and the print quality even feels cheap)
- Looks like something that a little kid came up with

Product 3: Arnotts Jatz Original Biscuits

Strong Aspects of Design:

- Use of subtle yet bright colours
- Images show what the product should be like (in theory that is)
- Promotes the brand and biscuits with large fonts

Weak Aspects of Design:

- Nutritional Information is not at the front cover and that could be useful for anyone who is 'health-wise'

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