Sunday, August 14, 2011

Rapid Logo Study 1 - First Logo

Apologies for the late post. Don't worry though, I'm not dead, I've just haven't being too well lately. But anyway...

On Wednesday Mornings for the next three weeks, we have to come up with some logos (1 Full Colour and 1 Black and White) that we have to create within one hour and everyone (and I mean everyone) has to scale the logos from 1 to 5

The first logo we had to come up with was Snappy Jim's Mowing Service, this was my effort:

The results was mixed (23 out of 45), but fair. But given that this was the first logo, there is always room for improvement and given with the results, I could do worse.

Here is the winning design for the first logo, by classmate Tristan Boersma:

This design got a total of 35 out of 45 (I think it was that, correct me if I'm wrong) as the logo design itself was regarded as the best of the lot.

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